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Behind The Screen #1

Behind The Screen #1

- Tales from Hair I Go Again -

One of the most often asked questions we receive, is how we were able to connect with so many of the 60+ rock stars featured in Hair I Go Again?

In the beginning it wasn't easy, We were turned down by EVERYBODY. From members of KISS, to Alice Cooper himself; The guys in Steel Panther and our lifelong heroes in Cheap Trick; Plus Michael Monroe, Nikki Sixx and Iron Maiden, to name but a few. 

We worked the phones and emailed furiously but artist reps told us in no uncertain terms to "f#ck off". Even after being initially rejected, we marched forward, often times going as far as waiting outside the back-doors of clubs and arenas only to get shooed away by agitated stage managers.

In short, we did anything we could to gain access to these artists for an interview. For 7 months we were cut-off at every pass, that is, until we finally figured out that going through managers, record labels and publicists was just a really bad idea, afterall there was really nothing in it for "them".  But once we started reaching out personally and especially via Facebook, that's when it really started taking off.

Our First interview? None other than Steve Blaze, lead guitarist for one of Steve and my favorite bands - Lillian Axe - On July 4, 2010  New Port Richey, Florida.

Of course Mr Blaze went on to become an "instrumental" part of our story and even ended up playing on our Bullet In The Chamber record, as well as sitting in as part of our debut lineup on the 2015 Monsters of Rock Cruise

We ended up bringing this full circle just this past June when our band opened up for Lillian Axe here in Denver.

Dream of a Lifetime, indeed.

 Next up: A collective midlife crisis turns into a midlife challenge...

- Kyle

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