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Behind The Screen II: Two Steps From The Move...

Behind The Screen II: Two Steps From The Move...

On March 10, 2016 we “softly” released Hair I Go Again to an unsuspecting world. Rather than idly waiting for a company to come along and scoop the film up, we decided to take a giant leap into the unknown and release it ourselves , doing whatever we could to make the project stand on its own.

From beginning to end, this film 30 years in the making has been the textbook definition of "independent" and “DIY”.  Up until now, and seemingly defying all odds, we have managed to create a life’s work that has been completely self-produced, self-funded and self-distributed. But this was not accomplished without our fair share of hurdles and challenges.
From the get-go there were those who told us we'd never get the movie finished.
We were told we couldn't afford to compile a decent soundtrack.
We were told we couldn't compete in the marketplace with billion dollar entertainment companies.
We were told there was no market for another music documentary.
We were told we couldn't create anything musically that would be relevant to a modern audience.
Simply put, we were told that we would fail.

Well, it has been nearly 7 years since we began this journey, and now 8 months since our initial release, we find our doors are still open. It hasn't been easy mind you, as only a handful of people have seen the film as of yet. But we continue to grind it out daily, growing our audience, one-person-at-a-time.

If not for any other reason, we continue to move forward just to prove the naysayers wrong. There is no greater motivation than to be told that you can’t do something.
We certainly didn’t embark on this journey to make a sh#t ton of money or to become internationally renowned. We made this film, because we had a lifelong dream that we just couldn't let die.
Call it… unfinished business if you will. (and you will)
Most people can identify with having a dream, which for one reason or another, remains an unrequited one. More often than not it’s a case of life merely getting in the way. Whether it’s family, a career, a mortgage or those daily happenstances that seemingly push us further and further away from what it is that we originally set out to do. Then one day you wake up and you find yourself as close to the end as you are to the beginning.  
This is the true essence of our story.

Even though we often tend to make mention of the 60+ rock stars that were interviewed for Hair I Go Again  - in the end, this film is really about sacrifice and the resilience of the human spirit (but with a kick ass 80’s hard rock backdrop and soundtrack thrown in for safe measure ;) )

Of course this may not be for everybody, but if any of this resonates with you whether you're an 80's hard rock fan, a cinephile or simply a sucker for a good story about overcoming obstacles, then you are exactly whom we made this film for. 

To those who have supported us by purchasing the film or attending screenings or simply by sharing our content as a show of moral support, we couldn’t have gotten to this point without you and we humbly thank you for believing in us and our little movie.
We know that your expendable income is at a premium and that you have so many varied entertainment choices when it comes to how you spend your valuable time and hard earned money, and we don't take it for granted for a second.
If you haven’t already seen Hair I Go Again, Steve and I hope you will take a chance on us. Every view of the film is another opportunity for us to pay our story forward.
So the film is released, now what?  There is still a lot of terrain left for us left to cover and a lot more people left to turn onto the film and we hope each one of you will continue with us on this ride. The movie may be finished but the story is just getting started…
Over the next few days, we will share with you what’s next for Hair I Go Again and Bullet In The Chamber. Nov 11th will be a landmark day for us, as we take our next giant step forward in sharing our story with the rest of the world.
Until then… 


- Kyle

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