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Hair I Go Again: Film Reviews

Hair I Go Again: Film Reviews

“Hair I Go Again is both a cinematic chronicle and personal vision quest. It beats with the pure metal heart of its creators and reflects the shameless essence of what it is to be a headbanging fan.”

- Lonn M. Friend, Author Life on Planet Rock, former Executive Editor, RIP magazine.


“…one of the richest and most important metal docs of the decade..."

 - Mike McPadden, MTV Classic/Author, Heavy Metal Movies


“…an unbelievably entertaining documentary that will at various times make you laugh, make you cry, and trigger just about every emotion in between.”

Richard Rosenthal, Screamer Magazine "


...the love letter that 80’s metal has been needing for a long time."

- James DePaolo, Infrared Magazine 


"...possesses a relentless authenticity and honesty...equal doses of hearty humor and heartfelt..."

- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic


 " 'Hair I Go Again' will easily resonate with musicians and appeal to rock music fans..."

- Ken Tomczak, The Record

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