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Mailbag Q&A - 8.14.18

Mailbag Q&A - 8.14.18
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I watched the first disc. I have to hand it to you guys, you are inspiring to say the least & the music is not bad either.

I play the drums. My wife and I collect rock and roll memorabilia and have our own Hard Rock Cafe in our home. I would like to put together a band and do a concert at our house playing the songs of the bands that grace the walls of our museum. To cover songs by Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, among others, properly and true to the originals is no easy task.

It does not compare to what you guys pulled off, but is an inspiration to me to pick up my sticks and start practicing.

What are plans for you fellas now? Do you continue to pursue this dream or get a regular job? The music industry is so hard to earn a living these days.

Just want you to know I was impressed by your tenacity. Great story.


Best Regards,


Lenny R.

 Hey Lenny!

Glad you enjoyed the film.

Yes, I am still plugging away writing and demoing music, but at the moment Bullet In The Chamber is more of a "brand" than it is a band.

Beyond the film, we did one other show with a completely different lineup, save for the drummer, and of which did not include Steve. But it has proven incredibly difficult to keep an original band together because most everyone seemingly wants to do covers or tributes and no one likes to rehearse. Unfortunately, I am wired the exact opposite. However the dream is still alive and well and I have every intention of continuing to record and release new music, even if I never play live again.

I am also the managing partner for our film company, so my "day gig" is running the day-to-day business, trying to get people to buy our movie....which has proven to be the single most difficult thing I have ever attempted.

The film business mirrors the music business in so many ways, in that people don't really by product anymore instead they pay for services i.e. subscriptions and with so many "gatekeepers" that are on-the-take, it is incredibly challenging  to get the movie and music in front of an audience en masse - You can read more about that here -

As for Steve, his plan was always to be "one-and-done", so this was really more of a bucket list thing for him. He subsequently got back into the rat race well before the film was even released and has since gotten married. So yeah, he's living his best life.

That said, he and I have discussed doing a follow-up film, but it's incredibly difficult to get these things funded and owing so much money still on HIGA, I am not sure if we will ever be able to pull off something like this again.

Hope that answers your question :)

With that, I want to thank you again for supporting our film and hope you will consider spreading the word. You can also help by leaving a rating/review at




- KK



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