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NOTFLIX : Hair I Go Again To Stay Independent

NOTFLIX : Hair I Go Again To Stay Independent

We continue to get quite a few questions regarding if or when Hair I Go Again will be on Netflix.

Short answer: They aren't buying.

Long answer: While we would love to get our film on Netflix, we have been informed that they are shying away from indie film - instead focusing on original content as well as properties from network and studio partners. Whether this is accurate or not we cannot say for sure, only to say that this is the information we have received from various aggregators. If you would like to see #HairIGoAgain on Netflix, we invite you to post a request to their Facebook page or on Twitter.

As for all the other VOD platforms such as Hulu, VuDu etc., all of these require a validated middle-man to pitch the film and of which, costs are very expensive. Even when going through an aggregator, there is no guarantee that a sale will be made, so the risk to a small DIY indie like Hair I Go Again, is huge.  That said, we are hopeful that we are able to get this film on as many platforms as possible in the future. The more people that hear about us, the better our chances will be.

So for the time being, the film is currently available on-demand via and as well as on DVD at and Amazon.

As always, THANK YOU for supporting our film! - KK



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