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Thank You.

Thank You.

If you've already seen Hair I Go Again, then it's no secret where Steve and I started. If there was a level lower than the bottom, then that's certainly where we would have resided.

Coming into this, we had very little in the way of skill set and next-to-zero chops, but we were hellbent on playing music again nonetheless. With a little luck and a whole lot of support, we somehow managed to piece this thing together, which has seemingly become our lifes work.

And though the film has been completed and now released, the dream & desire to continue to pursue music burns hotter than ever. In spite of being closer to the end than the beginning of this life's journey, we have proven that it is never too late to pursue one's dreams...You just gotta want it and you gotta love it.

But even with all the desire in the world, we could have never gotten this far without the love and support of a lot of people. Our families, friends, crew, collaborators and even a few of our rock & metal heroes to boot.

But most importantly we could have never gotten this far without YOU.  

Any artist worth their salt, will tell you that a creative endeavour is short of meaning without an audience to share it with. We certainly do not take this notion for granted. We understand that your entertainment choices are endless and disposable income is limited. We know that you have a choice and we thank the stars everyday that you, and people like you, continue to wave our flag and share in our experiences.

So while having grown leaps and bounds, there is still a long way to go, both with the movie, as well as our musical endeavours. But one thing is for sure... we've had a hell of a lot of fun getting this far and we hope you will continue to join us as this crazy rock n' roll journey continues.

To that end we just want to thank you for your support. Whether you have purchased the film, heard the music or you 're just a rock n' roll fan showing moral support - every bit of love matters. So to say thanks properly we've got a couple of things for you:

First, I made this little video below - unplugged, uncut and hey..a little pitchy - The performance isn't great, but rather it's greatness is that it comes from the heart. You see...great is merely a level to strive for. Greatness is a fluid thing that is truly never achieved in its entirety. It is not the starting point nor is it a requisite to maintain what it is we love to do. Remember, there is no quality control for heart or desire.

Second, as people begin to rev up for these "Holidays of Giving" we have put together this exclusive gift package just for you, "The Hairs Apparent". We have made this available so that not only can you gift this  to someone you care about, but also so you can keep a bit for yourself as gift from us. 

Last but not least, we want you to have our Digital Soundtrack EP produced by Ron Keel on us. No purchase is necessary, it's just our way of saying thanks. Simply follow this link and use checkout code: HAIRS. If you already have the EP feel free to pay it forward.

Once again, Steve and I can never THANK YOU enough for believing in us.

Happy Holidays & Horns up! \m/

 - KK

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