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Hair I Blog Again #1 | State of the Onion

Hair I Blog Again #1 | State of the Onion
Welcome to my first ever attempt at a personal blog. I'm not sure how often I will be posting, but as I ready the next stage of my creative journey I want to have a place & space to post my thoughts and goings-on for those who are interested ( that means both of you).
While this will primarily cover my film and music exploits, I will periodically invoke opinion on topics that move me, as well as well as expose music, film and other artistic endeavours of which I am currently imbibing.

This weeks music and film selections: Fozzy and I, Tonya

And I won't lie to you...I am also here to pimp our wares as we continue to grow our audience for both Hair I Go Again, as well as other projects currently in the queue. If you are so inspired, you can click on any of the links above to find our products, but please keep in mind that buying directly from us is least expensive for you and most beneficial for us. That said if Amazon is your jam, have at it.

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So for my first official act of blogging, I want to address some FAQs I have received, by offering up a few general housekeeping notes:
There will be no MORC - 80sITP - M3 - S3 -Rocklahoma et al this year.
Official reason: I'm broke as f#ck, but moreover with as much networking and cross-promotion as we have done in the past, you'd think we would have built up enough moxy to be able to attend some of these events in an official capacity by now, but apparently we suck and paying retail is pure I'm keeping it close to Denver this go-around :D
Of course, as always we are open to booking a screening event either to open a larger festival or as a VIP offering, but there are seemingly too many trees in the way of the forest when it come to some decision makers out there.

Unofficial reason: I am busy prepping a NEW film as well as demoing material for a full-length Bullet In The Chamber  record, both of which are currently in the "prep stage" and will be heading into the funding phase this spring via pre-sale and limited investor offerings.

The film idea has been floating around for quite some time and now that the hardcore promo cycles for HIGA have come to an end (see below), It's time to make some more art.
It is a bit too premature to really talk in detail about the project at this juncture, only to say that I have filed the outline with WGA and have submitted the key art concept to our graphic designer, the effervescent (and smoking hot) Brooke J. McKaig of Vamp Visuals. Rest assured with this new doc, there is definitely a rock & roll element and you will undoubtedly see some familiar faces talking about sh#t you had no idea about i.e. insightful storytelling with an exposè slant.

RE: Bullet In The Chamber  - I have been writing for the better part of 2 years and at the moment, have about 70 songs in various stages of completion.  Whereas our first EP - #OneLastShot: Music from the Hair I Go Again Soundtrack produced by Ron Keel (say all that 10 times fast with a mouth full of marbles) was an homage to our 80's band Tryxx, the subsequent material will be a bit more ballpark for me - containing more of an overall  "classic rock" lean, as I desire to be more varied and diverse in my approach as opposed to being pigeonholed to one particular sound or genre.

Facing facts, I don't really have the voice for metal, although there are typically heavier elements to the stuff I write. Conversely, this won't be some lame pop record, even though my weapon of choice is a 12 string acoustic... so yeah, there is a math problem in there somewhere.
Anyhoo, the one challenge I do have at the moment is that there really is no band. For better or worse, I AM the singular, proverbial bullet in the chamber. Simply put, this band has never had a permanent line up. I have had the good fortune of playing with some really great musicians since launching in 2015, but nearly everyone was temporary, with their own projects going on and it has been a trying, attempting to align with others who are as driven as I am, and who are willing to afford both the focus and sacrifice this both requires and deserves.

So with that, I am looking for a lineup that is going to stick. I've had a few inquiries as of late but have not yet found the right fit. I'm seeking pro-level players who are looking to create original music as a priority, as this is not a backburner project for tribute trustees or weekend warriors. I already have a studio band and guest players lined up who will be backing me on the record, but it would be optimal to have a real band who each has some real interest and ownership instead of being mere guns-for-hire. 

Interested parties are encouraged to submit links to demos and EPKs via email - - No unsolicited phone calls or DMs please.

As for the current status of Hair I Go Again (now officially known as Part I )
We have spent the better part of the past 2 years marketing in order to find our audience. The good news is that the overwhelming number of folks who have seen the film, hold it in very high regard, not to mention that we attained the unfathomable for a DIY - 13 weeks as a #1 Bestseller on Amazon Video :)

The not-so-good news is that we still haven't been able to firmly lock onto an audience en masse, which I don't mind telling you has created some financial challenges in trying to pay back our investors as well as outstanding accounts payable.

As a self-produced, self-funded, self-marketed and self-distributed film, we knew the chips would be stacked against us but went for it anyway because as content creators, that's just what you do. All said, we know the market is there and that people will eventually find out about us, especially with good word-of-mouth.
To that end, we only manufactured 3k total DVDs of which the initial Collectors Edition has nearly sold out and soon will no longer be available. Once the MonuMetal 2nd and 3rd edition (soon to be released) are gone, there will be no other plans to revive them beyond digital. So out of the 30k+ followers we currently have on social media, only 10% would have an opportunity to own physical media outright - All that said, if this is on your bucket list, best take advantage while the getting is still good...and especially since this is merely Part 1 of...
So there you have it, Blog #1 in the books. Thanks for reading and hey, please do buy something...I need a new pair of socks.
- Kyle
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