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                On behalf of our team, I wanted to take moment and thank you all once again for your continued support of our film and rock-lifestyle brand, Hair I Go Again.  Like many of you, we are feeling the brunt of the current pandemic both on a personal level, as well as on an economic one. Perhaps not surprisingly, ours is a small business-in-peril, however we still feel the need to find a way to somehow contribute to everyone’s betterment, as we continue to fight to keep our own doors open.

                It’s times like this where art -  whether its music, film or any other creative endeavour - proves to be most valuable; when in service as a much needed diversion and respite from unfathomable circumstances, such as those that we are all experiencing at present. As our story is one of perseverance, we hope it might offer a spark of hope and proof positive that anything worth trying is truly possible, despite overwhelming odds to the contrary.

                With that, we realize that there are much bigger issues of concern at hand, and do not take for granted that resources are limited, or that your hard earned dollar is at a premium. To that end we have made some adjustments to our business model in hopes that we might help relieve a bit of your burden in some small way, while offering a modicum of temporary escape:

                Although meager, we hope our offerings might be of some comfort for rock fans-at-large and wish each and every one of you all the best while traversing this unprecedented time in our history.                                           


All the best,


Kyle Kruger - Hair I Go Again

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